Eduardo Guedes

Eduardo Guedes


Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo plays his guitar with a strong musical identity, so he has unique and distinctive style that makes his playing unmistakable. Very creative in their improvisation, owner of solid arguments, the melodies always go by the unexpected, interspersed with perfection inventive phrases, chords and musical reasons, just producing a sound environments that involve the audience in a unique atmosphere, full of euphoria, which emerge reborn with a new and exciting musical perspective.
His more than 20 years of dedication to music and experience in improvisation performing Brazilian and Latin rhythms, results in a musical maturity, a safety and a very extensive vocabulary, qualifying him to be among the greats of the instrument. With a repertoire that includes own songs , jazz themes, rock and even classics of Brazilian music, not just want to try to entertain and enrich the musical repertoire of the audience, but above all he shows the art in high level, speaking the truth with strings of his guitar.

Vespasiano A. Mobley.

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  1. August 14th, 2009

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