The ironic Danish n*grandjean

N’Grandjean (Niickolaj Grandjean) is a danish musician, a multi-talented one, which released last year the album Carrying Stars. He makes a cool music, playing all the instruments, sometimes with a little help from his friends, Mikkel Lomborg and the cellist Brit Bird. But cool music in this case is used to bother the audience. At its best, the contents of this music can be more painful and ironic than any other, as could be seen in tracks like Island, Heroes and Saints and Love Rocks.
I’ve been looking for information about Grandjean and I’ve found his own words at his website, which are writen below and describes Grandjean: his is an artist, he knows that and he does so.
“The generous support of uniquer M.Lomborg, made me think differently. Create. To decompress. For fun. To reestablish. I make. Songs. I put out. By life, the gift is to observe and adapt. Cross. I know how you feel. They taught me to. I proudly state, I am able to compose in just about every genre. I did that. I do that. If given the chance I add twists of explicisme. I invent words. Live to. Huh. Art? Interpret. Now I do. Tell what is. Hear. Here. I needed the encouragement, obviously.

  1. March 16th, 2010

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