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The group Canbombe proposes to take you on a hypothetical trip through Cuba, Brazil until Buenos Aires to rediscover the traditional latin-american culture.
The music, which is composed and arranged by Silvio Zalambani, is inspired by many characteristic styles of these countries, of which it underlines their european and above all common african origin.

The “Grupo Candombe” started in 2000 as a research project about the traditional latin-american music, after being inspired by a presentation of Ernesto Cardenal’s book “Quetzalcòatl”, ex Minister of Nicaragua.
The group has performed in different theatres, clubs and festivals. In 2002 the project was proposed in Brazil.

The group has just released two recordings: the first CD “Grupo Candombe” was released in 2001 (and reprinted in 2004) and presented at the Alighieri Theatre of Ravenna and then the live concert was broadcasted by RAI Radio3-Suite directed from Rome; the second CD “Grupo Candombe 2″ was released in 2005 and it was presented on RAI Radio1, during the program ” Brasil”.

For 2010 they’re working on a new albun with the argentine singer Sandra Rehder; many collaborations are also planned with other international artists like brazilian Mario Féres (pianist and singer), Lulla Oliveira(multi-instrumental composer and “Pae de Santo” of afrobrazilian Candomblé), Diana Horta Popoff (singer, flutist-pianist and composer), and argentine Lucas Guinot (pianist and composer) and Lucrecia Longarini (singer).


One of the consequences of the flooding of New Orleans in 2005, was the exodus of its population, including musicians who lived in the most affected. The city was in crisis and its reconstruction would take a long time, not only by the pace of construction, but the return of investors in local show business. One of the artists who then left the city was Evan Chirstopher who moved to Paris in search of job opportunities.
Clarinetist Californian had been living and performing in the city since 1984. and adopted the style of Creloe, quite characteristic of the city, assuming for itself the role of ambassador of this style, Which the most expressive name is Sidney Bechet,
In fact, in his discography, which contains only three titles, one can see its impeccable virtuosity and precision of execution of the music.
In the latest project, now back to New Orleans, Evan pays tribute to the gypsy guitarist Django Heinherdt.
The latter, fusing Gypsy Swing with New Orleans grooves and rhythms of “le monde Créole” released their debut CD, Django à la Créole (Fremeaux & Associates) at the 2008 French Quarter Festival in New Orleans.